Easter Beer Hunt

An Easter Beer Hunt is pretty much what it sounds like. It’s essentially an Easter Egg Hunt with an adult twist. That twist being alcoholic beverages.


To host an Easter Beer Hunt the easiest thing to do is buy a bunch of beer (canned or bottled) and hide individual beers all over the yard. You CANNN have a BYOB Easter Beer Hunt, but this often doesn’t work out well with college students.

Make sure to tell your guests to bring something to collect their beers in. Watch to video below to see how one group did it.


The Easter Beer Hunt doesn’t have to be confined to beer. In fact, you can have an Easter Beer Hunt with mini bottles, jello shots, chocolate liquor bottles, test tube shots, and a variety of other items.


Anyone who finds a beer days after the party has to drink it the moment that they find it. This is very similar to Icing.


This type of activity doesn’t work out very well if the cops come to the house. Make sure to be responsible.