When Is Envato Going to Conquer the Typography Market With Their Awesomeness?

Today I watched a collection of videos recorded in late 2009 that featured Collis and Cyan Ta’eed answering questions about their company Envato.

Having spent the past two years routinely visiting their sites I was very familiar with both the Tuts Plus network and the Envato marketplaces. However, while watching the collection of videos I couldn’t help but question one of the things Collis mentioned in the video below.

As a designer I got really excited about the mention of a possible Type Tuts wing, and even more excited about a possible Typography based marketplace.

I think that Envato could stimulate the font community massively if they opened up a marketplace dedicated to typography. I think it would be great for both designers, and the Envato community as a whole.

Like Collis highlighted, Typography is a higher level topic that could work interchangeably with a variety of the other Envato network sites.

I remember filling out a form previously this year in which I was asked what I would like to see out of Envato in the future. If I could change my answer… I would say unequivocally TYPOGRAPHY.

To help lubricate the process our team here at Pulp and Wire brainstormed a couple of names for Envato in the hopes that if we give them a name they will have no other choice but to open up another set of sites.


Type Tuts would obviously be the name of the tuts wing, but what about the marketplace for high quality fonts? Here are some ideas for you Envato.

Let us know what you would want Envato to name a possible Typography site below!