5 Web Analytics Accounts Every Website Should Have

Web analytic tools are key in evaluating the success of any website or marketing campaign. Here is our list of analytics tools that every webmaster should have, or at the very least check out.  In this article we will highlight how we use their different features, and what information each tool provides us with.


Everyone always talks about Google Analytics and how amazing it is. However, I find Google analytics to be one of the analytics programs I check the least. For general long term data collection purposes I find it to be the most appropriate. However, for things such as real-time activity, social sharing, demographic data, and other analytics I find the following programs to be the most helpful. Google analytics is the standard analytics account that every website should have. In the broadest sense this is probably the best analytics you are going to get for free.


Of all of the programs I will list in this post Woopra has impressed me the most lately. Perhaps this is just because it’s a novelty at the moment, or perhaps it is because it is as amazing as I think it is.

While Google analytics and Clicky analytics are great for retroactive analysis, Woopra  is better with real time statistics, and visitor monitoring / interaction. With Woopra you can monitor individual users while  they navigate within the site. You can see exactly what they are looking at, what they are doing, and all of their browsing information. If you would like, you can even start a real-time chat with them through Woopra.

Not only does Woopra offer all of these things for free, but they also just came out with an absolutely phenomenal Iphone app which is blowing my mind (even after several months of using it). The Iphone app serves as a virtual dashboard for what is happening on your website at any given moment. If you want you can even chat with website visitors through your iphone wherever you are!

From what I can tell Mashable just started using Woopra to monitor their site several months ago. This is a testament to how awesome Woopra is becoming.


Clicky analytics is like the love child of Woopra and Google analytics. With a free  membership you aren’t able to view stats in real time, but you can see a fairly good snapshot of what is occurring on your website over the course of the day. I love Clicky for its concise and insightful dashboard which provides a fantastic snapshot of what has happened on your site during the day.


With AddThis you install a sharing button on your website, and when anyone shares via that individual button information is collected that will later tell you who shared, what they shared, where they shared it, and how many clicks it got.

I’m surprised that AddThis isn’t more talked about. Out of all of the Analytics programs I use, this has to be one of the most helpful ones. I would definitely suggest heading over to AddThis to get yourself a sharing button. They even allow you to customize the colors through custom css3 variations, or if you don’t like any of those you can check out our post on how to create a custom AddThis sharing button.


Quantcast is great for collecting demographic information on your viewership. As you can see below the Quantcast presents information involving a number of demographic indicators including gender, age, income, ethnicity, education, and marital status.

Just to give you an idea of how accurate this information is, these are the measurements from a college blog I started while I was  an undergraduate. As you can see, the information is pretty spot on regarding who was viewing the website (especially the age range).


Facebook Insights is veritable wealth of viewership information, at least on a Facebook page basis. I personally think that the insights presented on the “Who Your Fans Are” page are the most accurate representation of who your content appeals to. Alexa, Quantcast, Google, and others provide similar information, but don’t match up to Facebook in this respect.


Alexa is great for general benchmarking purposes. Every morning when I wake up I crosscheck my websites against all of my competitors to see who has a better Alexa rank. While there is some dispute as to how accurate Alexa ranks actually are I find them helpful when measuring how successful my websites are performing.




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