3 Ways to Share Large Files Between Clients and Coworkers

So you have a file that’s 56MB and you need to send it to a client or coworker. You can’t email it because the file is too large, and it’s annoying to put it on a thumb drive and physically hand off it off.  Here are three solutions that will help you share files seamlessly between clients and coworkers and improve routine business processes.


Ge.tt is a relatively new service that allows you to easily upload files, grab a download link, and share that link with coworkers and clients. The thing I like best about Ge.tt is that you only 2 gb of space. This might sound counter intuitive, but the fact that there is only 2gb of storage actually encourages me to keep a more tidy account. If I want to share something I will delete an old file that I don’t need to have in the cloud anymore.

This brings me to my next point. The layout is much more aestetically pleasing, the design is fantastic, and the dashboard is very intuitive. I really like Ge.tt, and I think they are on the right track.


We use YouSendIt a lot at Pulp + Wire, but I think Ge.tt is starting to appeal to us more and more. The thing I like more about YouSendIt is that when you upload a file the process of having the download link sent to your client or coworker is much more fluid. You don’t have to cut or copy anything.

However, the process of uploading the file, filling out all the forms, and all of that nonsense is where YouSendIt falls short. I find the process to be extremely clunky when you compare it to Ge.tt.  Also, the fact that you can access the files in storage afterwards is much less apparent.

I think YouSendIt has a few things they could improve.


Dropbox is better suited for sharing files between coworkers. Simply set up one Dropbox account, upload all of your work files to the cloud, and set up folders on the desktops of all your workplace computers.

Then, whenever you need to share something you drop it into a folder on your desktop, and voila, the file syncs to everyone’s computers almost immediately. The service is absolutely remarkable.

Also, I should mention that Dropbox has saved me a lot of trouble on more than one occasion. When I dropped coffee all over my laptop a while ago I was afraid all of my files were lost until I realized that I had all of them synced to the cloud. All I had to do was setup my Dropbox folder on the desktop of my new computer and I had all of the files stored locally again!

I would suggest Dropbox as a solution for any small business, not only as a way to streamline work processes, but also as a backup solution in case things go terribly wrong!


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