How to Make Alcoholic Bubble Tea (Infused Pearls)

For those unfamiliar, Bubble Tea or “Boba” Tea is a delightful beverage that has its origins in the Eastern world.  It is usually some combination or tea, fruit juice, or milk infused tea with tapioca pearls in the bottom of the cup that are sucked up with a larger than ordinary straw.  You may remember these straws from our post on how to make your jello shots WAY BETTER by making them already in these straws.  Alcoholic Bubble Tea gives you a new reason to stock up.

The people who brought you Rummy Bears, Rummy Cokes, and Pudding Shots are Back.  The following are instructions on how to infuse your Boba pearls with alcohol to make Alcoholic Bubble Tea.

Infusing the Pearls

For ordinary pearls you would boil water and add the tapioca pearls and boil for as much as 25 minutes depending on the size.  Here is what you will do:

Step 1: Read your Tapioca Pearl packaging, for whatever time it suggests cut it in half or a third.

Step 2: Cook your Tapioca for either half or a third of the time in Boiling Water

Step 3: Choose what alcohol you would like to infuse.  Soak the Pearls in this alcohol overnight, or until they have grown more tender

I would suggest something strong, but mixed with something flavorful.  (Try something like strong rum and mint schnapps to soak your pearls…then add them to lime juice, simple syrup, and club soda for Mojito Bubble Tea!)

Alcoholic Bubble Tea Flavor Combos

  • Dark Rum Soaked Pearls + Rum +Orgeat Syrup +Triple Sec+Lime Juice + A Splash of Grenadine =  MaiTai Boba
  • Rum+Mint Schnapps Soaked Pearls + Rum + Lime Juice+Mint + Simple Syrup + Club Soda = Mojito Boba
  • Malibu Soaked Pearls + Malibu Rum + Pineapple Juice
  • Whiskey Soaked Pearls + Amaretto + Sour Mix = Amaretto Sour Boba
  • Vodka Soaked Pearls + Kahlua + Vodka +Milk or Cream = White Russian Boba
  • Vodka Soaked Pearls + Vodka +Milk Tea Mix = Alcoholic Regular Boba
Ultimately, the flavor combinations are endless and amazing.  Try using authentic Bubble Tea flavors to make it even more fun!