Moving to 557 Columbus Ave in the South End!

This coming week I’ll be heading to Austria and then immediately moving into a new apartment in Boston’s South End! I’m beyond excited for this new apartment, and it seems like there is something awesome that I find every time I look around the neighborhood on Google maps!

Dunkin Donuts

There is a Dunkin Donuts literally right underneath our apartment. It’s crazy. I fully intend on waking up in the morning, getting a coffee, and walking 3 extra steps to the t. It’s going to be that easy.

Green Line + Orange Line

After getting my coffee in the morning I’ll be able to walk less than a hundre yards to either the orange line OR the green line where I can ride for 10 minutes to work. Sooooo simple.

Art Store

When coming back in the evening I will have to walk past the Utrecht art store. I’m either going to go broke living in this new apartment or create some amazing art that I can actually sell!


I’ve explored some of the neighborhood on Google Maps, and it seems like we have everything we need within a couple blocks of us. We have a pizza joint, a pub, a coffee place, and much much more!


One of my favorite things to do is go to the MFA, and now I live within walking distance of it. In about 15 minutes I can make it to the MFA no problems!.

Whole Foods

Dave and I recently decided to shop at Whole Foods, because it’s actually cheaper to buy the stuff we normally buy there as opposed to the regular grocery store. Conveniently there is one right down the street from us!

Community Garden

Don’t know exactly how this will work, especially because it is winter, but this looks like it’ll be fun regardless!

Titus Sparrow Park

I always enjoy having a park nearby.Conveniently, there is a nice little jogging path right behind our apartment building that goes for about a half a mile and ends in a nice little park called Titus sparrow.