July 16, 2014

Curated: River Luna

River Luna is Marisa Redondo’s small shop on Etsy that I’ve fallen in love with. She uses watercolors on archival paper to create intricate paintings of flowers, sticks, butterfly wings, animals and other objects. Simply put her work is beautiful.

Her art reminds me of somewhat of aboriginal art in some respects. The white lines, dots, and patterns in her work is what makes me draw the comparison.

Regardless, the archival paper that she uses is what I’m convinced makes these pictures so amazing. I tried doing something like this on regular watercolor paper and just couldn’t. The archival paper was perfect though!

Take a look at some of the amazing paintings she has done below, and make sure to click over to her shop and follow her on twitter!


River Luna Dandilions

Butterfly Wings River Luna

Dandelion, FEather, Sticks River Luna

Dandelions River Luna

Gem Stone River Luna

Green Feathers River Luna

River Luna Black Feathers

River Luna Feathers

River Luna Red Feathers

River Luna Sticks Archive Paper

Brown Feather River Luna

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