October 19, 2014

Regular Expressions, mod_rewrite, and Apache

This past month I went through the process of migrating all of the posts that I had from thecampuscompanion.com to my new site here at sparqvault.com.

The process of migrating all of the content was tough enough, but in order to maintain the traffic that I was receiving from the articles, pictures, and general site content I needed to implement some pretty crazy rewrites.

I was using WordPress multisite so the upload paths for the files were weird. Additionally, migrating all of the filed from multisite upload paths to a regular multisite install was damn near impossible. The rewrites for that were even more difficult. I had to do a workaround based on date.

REGARDLESS, I was extremely impressed by my ability to learn Apache mod_rewrite (even though I didn’t end up using it), basic regular expressions, and a variety of rewrite rules.

Below is the result. FUN!

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