DING! – XebiaLabs Sales Alert Webpage


DING was a webpage on the XebiaLabs website that would update, in real time, whenever one of XebiaLabs’ leads interacted with our website. Whenever someone downloaded something, synced to salesforce, or did something else, DING would begin playing “California Girls” by the Beach Boys and will update the page with the lead’s info.

This tool was necessitated by the fact that sales was perpetually voicing their frustration with the number of leads being delivered to them. However, they were not following up with all of the leads, so I decided to come up with an annoying tool to alert them.

To do this I set up a page on the website to display the data.  On this webpage I set up a javascript function that would communicate back to the website in intervals of 15 seconds using the jQuery ajax function.

On another page I set up a PHP snippet to pull information from Marketo’s SOAP API using an email I specific in custom template variable attached to the page. The information pulled from Marketo based on this email would then be transformed into a JSON string.

To update the email attached to the document I would shoot a webhook to the page every time someone would interact with the website in Marketo, and MODx would update the variable.

So to illustrate this…

  • Someone visits a webpage
  • Marketo records a pageview
  • A workflow in Marketo calls a webhook that then POSTS the email to a page in MODx
  • A MODx snippet on that page replaces a template variable with the new email passed via the webhook
  • That same page then uses the new email to output a JSON object of the lead data pulled via the php SOAP client when requested
  • Lastly, if someone is on the DING page, which is calling the JSON page in increments of 15 seconds, they will receive new information that then populates tags on the page, and fires off an audio file to start playing.

All of this was incredibly roundabout and crazy, but it was a great learning experience.

Here’s a Video


I was watching a movie called “Middle Men”. This is what inspired me to take a couple of hours and start putting together DING. You can all thank the porn industry for this entertaining tool. Apologies in advance for the sexist dialogue.

Future Ideas:

  • Songs for specific lead owners
  • Songs for specific actions (downloads trial, fills out form, synced to salesforce, shared socially, etc. etc.)
  • Addition of a “leads per day” counter
  • Addition of a “most recent downloads / visits” section