XebiaLabs Promotional T-Shirts

xebialabs-t-shirt-frontFor the new XebiaLabs promotional t-shirts our team wanted something that was:

  1. Comfortable
  2. Spoke to our users in their own language
  3. Would be something that our users would actually wear

Since our flagship product, XL Deploy, solves several pain pain including scripting and workflows I decided to creatively state that our product ends them by speaking to our audience in their language…. a technical language. Below is what I came up with…

In HTML and XML there are opening tags and closing tags.

  • <something> = opening tag
  • </something> = closing tag

The closing tag is denoted by the “/” character.

When read or spoken aloud as a reader is coding they may state, “start” something and “end” something whenever opening and closing a tag.

The first three tags in the t-shirt design are closing tags. The t-shirt could be read as:

  • End Scripting
  • End Workflows
  • End Headaches

THEN, because in the end XL Deploy helps users automate, and this is a direct result of ending scripting and workflows, I tossed in an opening tag.

  • Start Automating