XebiaLabs Signature Line Generator


Several weeks after starting at my position as Digital Marketing Manager at XebiaLabs I was asked to redesign the company’s signature line. This was prompted by CEO, as well as employee, complaints that our signature lines were, “too different, disorganized, and unprofessional” They wanted a uniform signature line that could be easily installed, updated, measured, and appreciated by all. Several employees had tried previously, but to no avail.

I started the project, and it is possible that it was the toughest project I’ve ever undertaken.

The first problem that I ran into was that, as an international company, our employees were dispersed across the globe, and thus had no access to the marketing department.

This ruled out the possibility of meeting with employees in person to install their signature lines, and is what prompted me to come up with a “signature line generator” that our employees could use to generate their signature lines, cut and paste it into their email clients, and if there were any issues, repeat the process.

I found this to be much more practical than guiding each and every employee through the process individually, over the phone, or in some other manner. Additionally, this tool would deliver business value in perpetuity as long as it was updated.

To design the email signature line generator I used PHP, Javascript, HTML, and CSS, to create a prototype that would:

  • Collect all of the required information
  • Validate that information
  • Automatically generate their signature line
  • Provide them instructions on how to install it on various email clients
  • Store the information for use in future signature lines
  • Collect the information to be used for the bios on the “Team Page”
  • Collect analytics on signature line clicks using Google Analytics tracking code
  • Provide a tool that could be extended to XebiaLabs’ parent company

It took about a week to put together over the course of the year, but it was well worth. Below you can find the specifics on some of the cooler features.

Google Analytics

Every signature line that I generated I packed with Google campaign tracking code. This simple addition would allow me to track who in the company was having their email signature clicked the most as well as tracking how much of our email traffic was actually coming from personal company emails.

When signature lines are generated Google tracking links are programmed into the design in locations such as the logo, name, address, website links, etc. etc. This generates a uniform tracking standard across an organization, turbocharges email measurements by automatically installing tracking links across the board, and affords the ability to track signature line usage on an individual basis. Here are some of the parameters.

  • utm_source = Signature Line
  • utm_medium = Email
  • utm_content = Logo, Name, Social Link, Advertisement (What is being clicked)
  • utm_term = Jon Blumenfeld (Individual’s Name)

Signature Line Stats

Future Looking

I knew that the email signatures were going to change in the future. It’s inevitable. I didn’t want to be responsible for redesigning the signature line and setting up meetings to get people set up in the future so I programmed the form to store the data in our CMS MODx for future use.

Users would be able to click on their personal link, view their signature line any time in the future with updated designs.

“Team Page” Content

Whenever someone would generate a signature line I would store that information for future use on our company page. It proved a whole lot easier than contacting everyone individually for the same information in the future.

Xebia Signature Lines

The signature line generator was a big hit amongst the XebiaLabs team, and as a result XebiaLabs’ parent company Xebia caught wind of it and asked for a version they could use. Doing this was as easy as swapping out the logo, and changing the signature color scheme.

Signature Line Generator Xebia