December 30, 2014

Fruitified Stirring Cubes

After spending about 3 hours tumbling, and pinning, and doing other useless shit because it’s my week off I found these fun stirring cubes fortified with fruits, herbs, flowers, and other really cool stuff.

Turns out that they sell trays that you can use to make these cool stirring rods. Just add a fun combo of

If you think this idea is cool you should check out my previous post on cool things you can do with ice cubes or my other post on rainbow ice cubes.

Turns out I like ice.


Fruitified Stirring Cubes Tray

Lavender Rosebud Stirring Cubes

Flower Petal Stirring Cubes

Lavender Thyme Stirring Cubes

Fruitified Stirring Cubes

Grape Blueberry Raspberry Stirring Cubes

Cranberry Blueberry Stirring Cubes

Fruitified Stirring Cubes


Buy the Ice Cube Tray Here

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