XebiaLabs Product Diagrams


One of the biggest challenges XebiaLabs faces as a company is that when introducing our offerings to someone who doesn’t know of us they always ask how we fit into the general devops environment. There is a really long and complicated answer to this depending on what tools the person is currently using, the processes / methodologies they embrace, and a number of other factors.

Therefore we decided to come up with an interactive visual that would convey the answer to this question, quickly, efficiently, and even take into consideration some things that we should touch on but don’t always when addressing prospects.

So far the response to these diagrams has been great. The only criticisms they have garnered are that they look static at first. In the future we may add a “pulsing effect” or some other indicator that the diagrams are interactive.



The biggest challenge with this project was creating the lines between the individual integration categories, as well as gracefully making the diagrams responsive in a way that was still informative.

The diagrams all have a set width and height. The lines are all absolutely positioned divs with a 1px dashed border on the top or right depending on their vertical or horizontal orientation. The integration boxes are also absolutely positioned.

When the browser width shrinks to below a certain level, depending on the diagram we make the integration groups positioned relatively display block. This stacks them in a way that makes them still look appealing, and maintain functionality. Under a certain width we completely hide the lines.

Screen Shot 2015-02-13 at 12.57.10 PM

For the main diagram the responsive version itself was a little too much. For this diagram we hid the diagram, and created a static fallback visual to maintain the meaning behind the diagrams.

Screen Shot 2015-02-13 at 1.00.06 PMSpecial Effects

For all of the visuals I used wow.js and animate.css to provide a “it’s all coming together” effect. When the diagrams come into the viewport the individual elements of the diagram fade in from all directions. I think it’s a pretty cool effect!