The Ultimate DevOps Glossary

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One of the problems I routinely ran into at XebiaLabs was that not everyone knew the terms we would use in our webpages; terms like Continuous Delivery, Continuous Integration, DevOps and what those terms actually mean in the context of what we are saying.

For this reason I created the “Ultimate DevOps Glossary” where my coworkers and I could define industry terms, provide video explanations, allow viewers to submit their own terms, and link to our related content to provide more context.

This part of our website, in addition to helping our potential customers, helped us to:

  • Build our YouTube presence / increase links and traffic back to our site.
  • Target common search queries for DevOps terms (What is Continuous Delivery?) in order to build traffic
  • Provide educational content to be used throughout the site / blog to better explain our offerings
  • Shuttle users to relevant content

Before we even began linking the terms within the content of our pages we noticed people reaching the terms from Google simply because we had included the published pages in our xml sitemap. We took this as a great indication of future success.

In its current form, the DevOps glossary is one of the most popular parts of our website.