Drop Your Bounce Rate by 30% by Removing the Clutter

Drop Your Bounce Rate

This past month I did something drastic to my blog. I removed almost everything from my post template except for the title and the content of the post.

I was inspired by Evernote’s Clearly App, and how delightful it was to read content when using it. As a result I:

  • Took away my menu
  • Turned my “related posts” thumbnails into a list
  • Centered all the content and put whitespace on either site
  • Combined the post info, related content, and comments into one tabbed section to take up less space.

After all was said and done the articles on my site were about as bare as I could get them.

The result…. A 30% drop in bounce rate.

I imagine this is because people get to the page and aren’t distracted by all of the unnecessary shit.

They don’t know who I am, they don’t want to read other articles I have, they don’t want to comment, they don’t want to do a damn thing except read the content they were expecting to get when they clicked the link in the google search results.

Once they’ve read that content I provide them with just enough content to start to get to know me.