XebiaLabs Campaign Name & Tracking URL Builder

URL Builder

One of our challenges at XebiaLabs as our team has grown is that we’ve had to coordinate on things like tracking and analytics. This is very tricky because even the smallest problem like a capitalized letter can throw this off. To help our team coordinate I developed a tool that would allow us to have a source of record for our tracking and reporting efforts.

The URL builder pulls all of the resources on our website, and their associated information for the URL field. Once selected the resource it will automagically specify the content type in the Content field.

The following fields for Source and Channel have predefined options based on what we use the most.

As users select these fields the content on the right is updated. On right right we have our Marketo and Salesforce campaign names, a tracking link for the resource and the various UTM fields being used.

As users update the information there is a lot of magic happening in the background to turn all values into lowercase so you don’t have to set up filters in google analytics, although you probably should, in addition to a bunch of other fun things!