About Me

I'm a marketing technologist living in Boston. As a marketing MBA, full-stack web developer, and designer I approach everything I do professionally through a marketing, development, and design lens.


I earned a marketing MBA at the College of Charleston, and though I have other skills I've always considered myself, first and foremost, a marketing professional. Check out my resume for more information.

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While enrolled in the CofC MBA program, I started learning HTML to supplement my studies. This soon led to CSS, and next thing I knew I was playing with PHP, javascript, and a bunch of frameworks. Now I play with anything and everything that I can get my hands on.

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I've always loved art, but mostly this was oriented around the fine arts. Shortly after graduating the CofC MBA program I moved to maine to work at Pulp + Wire, a renowned branding and design firm. With this experience I grew my graphic design skills as well.

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