January 7, 2018

Architectural Digest

“We were looking for a very French style of Haussmannian apartments, as we had lived only in modern spaces up until then,” says renowned architect, furniture designer, and art collector @redaamaloudesign of his family’s Paris home. “This apartment had very strong character thanks to its high ceilings, significant moldings, and large vertical French windows that give off a traditional feel.” With his traditional groundwork in place and primed in a classic disposition, it was time for Amalou to weave a more modern narrative throughout the home by way of innovative design and his impressive array of contemporary artwork. “The collection consists mainly of lithographs from the end of the 20th century,” he notes. “My wife and I love the abstraction of this period and have added to the collection as time went on.” Explore the rest of the home tour through the #linkinbio Photo by @francisamiand; text by @caragibbs

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