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When you’re growing as fast as we are over here at Nexthink you need to put a little extra thought into your headcount, budget, etc. to ensure you are growing responsibly. Moving fast isn’t an excuse for chaos.

Those who know me will acknowledge lovingly that I’m a nut job and track stuff relentlessly. Over the past 2.5 years I’ve tracked the evolution of our marketing team structure, skillsets, and general needs with hawk-like attentiveness. Part of this involved research to benchmark against peers within the enterprise B2B tech marketing community.

The end result, this benchmarking tool.

When showing a couple coworkers this model they insisted that I open it up to the broader marketing community to help CMOs and heads of marketing plan and obtain the budget and headcount they need to be successful.

When I originally started working on this tool I didn’t record my sources as well as I probably should have, but this report from OpenView Ventures is what originally spurred the idea. Kudos to Kyle Poyar and Sean Fanning over there for this incredible report year after year.

A secondary source of inspiration was a really well thought out exercise run by Erica Seidel / Drew Fortin during the MarTech East conference. The exercise was oriented around allocation of budget / headcount in a current / desired state. I stole the general categorization of functional areas from this exercise.

Some other sources include:


A special thanks to my incredible coworker Eli for turning me onto Vue.js. This tool wouldn’t exist without him / it.


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